Dealer Chat Vendor Share – May 2014

Posting late this month as a result of holidays and vacation…

As it turns out, there wasn’t much to report on anyway.  The May results showed no meaningful movement among the top 7 vendors in terms of market share.

We have been working hard lately to expand our database of dealer website URL’s.  Over the years, many of you have submitted the URL’s of your dealer customers…those submissions are always welcome and helpful in improving the accuracy of our measurement of relative vendor market share…but by definition they always include the dealer chat software of one vendor or another and thus skew our measurement of overall industry adoption.  Our goal lately has been to expand the database through other means in order to enhance the integrity of the adoption data.  Stay tuned for the June post which should be ready before the end of July.  In it we will post the quarterly analysis of adoption data based on the expanded database of URL’s.

Dealer Chat Vendor Market Share – April 2014

April market share measurements showed a continuation of the trend first highlighted in our February post, with Contact At Once! consolidating market share in the wake of their acquisition of Outsell’s direct chat business.  Outsell dropped to the #7 slot in market share in April, while the relative ordering of the other vendors remained the same.

Dealer Chat Software Vendors

Although we only depict the top 7 dealer chat software vendors above, we actually track a long list of over 70 vendors.  It is the top 7 who we believe are best positioned to benefit from the positive adoption trend that we document quarterly.  With only 37% of dealers having deployed dealer chat software as of Q1 2014, these vendors should enjoy continued growth and prosperity for the foreseeable future.

*  Note:  ActivEngage management has challenged the accuracy of our data.  Read more.

Auto Dealer Website Chat Adoption – March 2014

Each quarter we analyze adoption of website chat software by automotive dealerships using our documented methodology.  The first quarter of 2014 saw adoption jump 2.5%, with 37% of dealership websites having deployed chat software as of March.

As depicted in the graph below, this quarter’s results continue the steady growth trend measured over the past 3+ years.

Auto Dealer Chat Software Adoption - March 2014

In terms of vendor market share, there was only one change of note.  Outsell continued to cede market share to Contact At Once! and fell another slot to 5th.

*  Note:  ActivEngage management has challenged the accuracy of our data.  Read more.

February 2014 Market Share For Live Chat Software Vendors

February, normally a sleepy month, produced some very interesting data this year highlighted by:

  • - The market share of leader Contact At Once! surged to greater than 50% for the first time
  • - CarChat24 zoomed past BoldChat to claim the #5 spot
  • - Outsell’s market share fell precipitously, dropping to the #4 spot

The first and third bullets are, we believe, closely related.  In December we analyzed the Contact At Once! acquisition of Outsell’s managed chat business and it seems the impact of that transaction is now being seen in the market share numbers.

We measured a marked increase in dealer sites with CarChat24 during February, the result, we presume, of a strong end-of-2013 sales push.

Market Share for Live Chat Software

Overall dealer adoption of live chat software continues to climb with increasing momentum.  In next month’s post we will detail the quarterly adoption trends.

*  Note:  ActivEngage management has challenged the accuracy of our data.  Read more.


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