Happy New Year! This Is The Final Post…

With each new year every business must assess it’s priorities, and our business is no different.   For a thoughtful list of reasons, we have decided to make this the last post to this blog. Since February, 2011 this blog has covered the dealer chat space, sharing data and analysis each month as the adoption […]

Dealer Chat WOW! Automotive Market Leader Contact At Once! now a LivePerson Subsidiary

Although September and October crawl results showed nothing exciting, the news feed did.  On November 5th, LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN) announced that they acquired Contact at Once! for $65 million.  According to LivePerson, the entire Contact at Once! management team will remain in place, and the company will continue to operate under the Contact At Once! brand […]

Dealer Chat Software Vendor Market Share – August 2014

August results are in. Both Activengage and Gubagoo lost small bits of market share, while CarChat24 gained some.  The relative vendor rankings did not change, however, with Contact At Once! maintaining the leadership position as depicted in the chart below. The “dog days of Summer” have historically been slower growth months for dealer chat software […]

Dealer Chat Adoption And Vendor Market Share – June-July 2014

This is a two-for-one post, combining the quarterly adoption data through June, 2014 and the vendor market share data through July, 2014. Dealer Adoption Trend The adoption trend graph below shows the steady rise in chat software adoption by auto dealers as a function of time. As of the end of June,  37.5% of of […]

Dealer Chat Vendor Share – May 2014

Posting late this month as a result of holidays and vacation… As it turns out, there wasn’t much to report on anyway.  The May results showed no meaningful movement among the top 7 vendors in terms of market share. We have been working hard lately to expand our database of dealer website URL’s.  Over the […]

Dealer Chat Vendor Market Share – April 2014

April market share measurements showed a continuation of the trend first highlighted in our February post, with Contact At Once! consolidating market share in the wake of their acquisition of Outsell’s direct chat business.  Outsell dropped to the #7 slot in market share in April, while the relative ordering of the other vendors remained the […]

Auto Dealer Website Chat Adoption – March 2014

Each quarter we analyze adoption of website chat software by automotive dealerships using our documented methodology.  The first quarter of 2014 saw adoption jump 2.5%, with 37% of dealership websites having deployed chat software as of March. As depicted in the graph below, this quarter’s results continue the steady growth trend measured over the past […]

February 2014 Market Share For Live Chat Software Vendors

February, normally a sleepy month, produced some very interesting data this year highlighted by: – The market share of leader Contact At Once! surged to greater than 50% for the first time – CarChat24 zoomed past BoldChat to claim the #5 spot – Outsell’s market share fell precipitously, dropping to the #4 spot The first and […]

Market Share For Live Chat Software Vendors – January 2014

The market share rankings for live chat software vendors serving the automotive industry remained  the same for January. Leader Contact At Once! added to their lead, and #2 player ActiveEngage also added share.   Outsell, the #3 player, lost share, as expected, following the sale of a portion of their live chat business in December. […]

Live Chat Software Adoption Trend for Automotive Dealers

Happy New Year to all of our readers!  Adoption of live chat software by automotive dealers continues to climb. We analyze the adoption trend on a quarterly basis, and based on our December 2013 data, approximately 34.5% of dealer websites now have chat software deployed. As evidenced by the trend graph below, the data points […]

Analyzing The Acquisition Of Outsell’s Full Service Managed Chat Business By Contact At Once!

On December 11th, market share leader Contact At Once!  announced that they had acquired the direct chat business of #3 Outsell.   The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  In this post, we analyze the announcement and what it means for the automotive industry. Outsell was one of the pioneering providers of full service […]

Live Chat Software Adoption – November 2013

The month of November brought no major surprises.  Dealer adoption of live chat software continued growing, and vendor market share remained largely unchanged.  The only minor movement among vendors was the switching of places at #6 and #7.    Vendor market share is depicted in the graph below. In late-breaking news, there has already been […]

Live Chat Software Adoption – October 2013

This month we measured some “changing of places” among the #4-7 vendors.  The top 7 vendors by market share are shown below, along with the number of places they gained (+) or lost (-). #1 – Contact At Once! #2 – ActivEngage* #3 – Outsell #4 – Gubagoo (+1) #5 – CarChat24 (-1) #6 – […]

Automotive Chat Software Adoption – September 2013

This is the quarterly post in which adoption of chat software by automotive dealers is analyzed. The graph below depicts the adoption trend over time.  For the quarter just end, adoption continued to climb, reaching 31.5%. The rate of adoption seemingly slowed versus the prior quarter.   It is likely this is an aberration similar to […]

Automotive Chat Software Vendor Market Share – August 2013

August was a sleepy month. There was no movement among the top 7 vendors in terms of market share, as shown below.  Overall dealer adoption continued to grow.  Next month we’ll provide a detailed quarterly update on adoption.     *  We stand by the data we report and are confident in our methodology, but […]

A Challenge to Dealer Chat Market Share Accuracy

We were recently contacted by an executive with dealer chat provider ActivEngage who challenged the accuracy of the market share reporting on this website. After re-evaluating our methodology in light of this challenge, reassessing the manner in which we report on market share, and reconciling our data with other published sources (see below for an […]

Car Dealer Chat Vendor Market Share – July 2013

In the wake of last month’s adoption numbers that showed accelerating use of chat on car dealer websites, we report this month on vendor market share. Thanks to submissions from readers, our database of car dealer website URL’s has grown to over 33,000.  We believe this to be the largest collection of dealer websites crawled […]

Car Dealer Chat Adoption – June 2013

Apologies for the belated post this month.  We have some exciting numbers to report that you will likely find worth the wait! As is our custom, we report each quarter on overall car dealer chat adoption and the second quarter of 2013 was a record breaker.  For the first time, our measurements show that just […]

Automotive Chat Software Adoption – May 2013

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do April market share changes for automotive chat software bring?  More changes! The May vendor market share data below shows several notable changes in spots 4-7, though none at the top where Contact At Once! expanded their market share slightly.  Moving into the fourth spot was BoldChat, […]

Automotive Website Chat Adoption – April 2013

April brought changes near the bottom of the list of  automotive website chat vendors, as ranked by market share.  Moving into the 6th spot was Gubagoo, and falling off the list was Dealer eProcess. Overall adoption continued to grow, climbing to 26.5% of dealers. Relevant industry news included a press release by Contact At Once! […]

Automotive Live Chat Software Adoption – March 2013

Each quarter we stop to take a look at dealer adoption of live chat software.  Adoption has trended upward every quarter that we’ve been tracking it, but the first quarter of 2013 produced the biggest jump in adoption yet, as depicted in the graph below.  Starting at 23.6%, adoption climbed to 26.0% by the end […]

Dealer Live Chat Vendor Market Share – February 2013

February data shows a dramatic acceleration in dealer adoption, from 23.9% to 24.8% in just one month.  This jump is likely the result of two things… The first – Chrysler’s decision to put co-op funds behind chat, as described in last month’s post. The second – expansion of our dealer website URL database, thanks to […]

Dealer Live Chat Vendor Market Share – January 2013 – Dealer.com Makes A Move

The new year is off to a great start in the world of dealer live chat, both in terms of metrics and in the news department. The data shows that the percentage of dealer websites on which live chat is deployed continues to grow and is now 23.9%, up a third of a percent month-over-month. […]

Automotive Website Chat Vendor Market Share – December 2012 – It Was An Interesting Year!

Another year has come and gone so it is time to reflect a bit. For the year, the top four market share leaders didn’t change, though some swapped positions.   Contact At Once finished atop the stack, just as they started the year, with a commanding lead in market share.  Activengage finished second, having swapped […]

Automotive Website Chat Vendor Market Share – November 2012

November was an interesting month in that, although there were no changes in rankings among the top 7 vendors, certain of them gained and others lost market share in a way we have not typically seen.  Historically, except for Outsell’s somewhat steady market share decline over the past year, all other vendors in the top […]

Automotive Website Chat Vendor Market Share – October 2012

October was a busy month for the auto industry with many OEM’s, dealers, agencies and vendors converging on Las Vegas for events such as the Driving Sales Executive Summit, the JD Power Internet Round Table, and Digital Dealer 13.  Many of the website chat vendors had a presence at these events and it was evident […]

Automotive Live Chat Vendor Market Share – September 2012

The quarterly measurement of adoption shows that more and more dealers are using automotive live chat software on their websites, as depicted in the graph below.    There were no blockbuster announcements by any of the automotive live chat vendors this quarter, but from the data it seems clear that all of the vendors are benefiting from […]

Automotive Live Chat Vendor Market Share – August 2012

Notable this month is the ascent by BoldChat to #5 in market share, surpassing Dealer eProcess and CarChat24. BoldChat was acquired earlier this year by LogMeIn.  The company has traditionally been a very small player in terms of market share but is apparently making a push into automotive live chat using their now-larger sales force. Outsell, […]

Dealer Chat Market Share July 2012

Highlights of July included: Outsell market share fell following a short-lived resurgence, ceding share to Contact At Once! and Activengage. Outsell’s ranking dropped to #3. Overall dealer adoption continued to climb, with at least 230 new dealers licensing chat software during July. In other related news, Google has launched a trial of “chat in ads”. […]

Dealer Chat Market Share June 2012

June proved an interesting month, and with the end of the second calendar quarter we have included the quarterly adoption trend data in this post. June’s data was enhanced as we added nearly 6,000 additional dealer website URL’s to our crawler database, bringing it to well over 30k URL’s. Adding such a large number of […]

Dealer Chat Market Share May 2012

More of the same in May! Outsell continued losing market share, while Contact At Once! and Activengage gained. Of note, dealer chat adoption topped 21% for the first time.  Look for the quarterly adoption data and analysis in next month’s post.

Dealer Chat Market Share April 2012

April dealer chat market share data revealed several items of note… First was a continuing trend among the top three vendors – Contact At Once! (#1) and Activengage (#3) gaining market share, with Outsell (#2) losing share.  In April, Contact At Once! market share was up the most…a healthy half of a percent. The other […]

Automotive Dealer Chat Market Share March 2012

Every quarter we measure the adoption of automotive dealer chat.  The Q1 data shows that over 20% of dealer websites now have chat software, as shown in the graph below. The adoption “curve” is fairly linear at this point, showing strong and consistent growth.  Whether there is an “inflection point” at which adoption accelerates dramatically, […]

Automotive Dealer Chat Market Share February 2012

February results are in and we’re including more vendors in our rankings this month. The vendors gaining automotive dealer chat market share included Contact At Once!, whose overall lead continues to widen, and Outsell, who bounced back slightly after losing share for ten straight months. Market share losers in February included Activengage and Dealer.com. Our […]

Automotive Dealer Chat Market Share January 2012

The January measurements of automotive dealer chat market share are now available.  Both Contact At Once! and ActivEngage saw slight increases in market share, while Outsell and Dealer.com saw slight decreases, but none of those changes were enough to affect the relative rankings.

Dealer Chat Market Share December 2011

Happy New Year! The year 2011 was certainly a great one for dealer chat.  Adoption of dealer chat software grew 26% and was accelerating as the year ended, with 19.4% of US auto dealer websites utilizing chat software. As we look back on 2011, we see several drivers behind the accelerating adoption of dealer live chat […]

Dealer Chat Market Share November 2011

We’re back!   We experienced some technical difficulties with our crawler that kept us from posting results for September and October, but the November results are posted here.   Since our last post, there have been some important developments around dealer chat. The first is an increase in dealer adoption of chat software.  The percentage […]

Dealer Chat Market Share August 2011

There were several notable dealer chat events during August. The first was an announcement by EveryCarListed.com, an up-and-coming national automotive site owned by SuperMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ:  SPMD), in which the company stated that their dealers were experiencing a 40% increase in customer interactions as a result of dealer chat.  According to the announcement, EveryCarListed.com has […]

Dealer Chat Market Share July 2011

Adoption of chat on dealer websites continued to grow as depicted in the chart below. In terms of dealer chat vendor market share there was a shift in the #6 spot with Smartchat, a product from DealerTrack/eCarList, replacing LivePerson, but otherwise no movement amongst the market leading vendors as shown below.

Dealer Chat Vendor Market Share June 2011

No major changes in June according to our data.  Contact At Once! grew their market share slightly while Outsell and Activengage both lost a bit. Many continuing thanks to the dealers and chat vendors who have submitted dealer website URL’s to our crawler in order to enhance the quality of our results. Dealers – please submit […]

Dealer Chat Market Share May 2011

Car Dealers continued adding chat to the dealership websites according to our May data that shows 16.8% of the 20,000+ car dealer websites crawled have live chat software, up from 15.4% in January. In terms of dealer chat vendor market share, Contact At Once! expanded their lead in May.  The vendors chasing Contact At Once! […]

Dealer Chat Market Share April 2011

Our April data reveals continuing growth the in the number of car dealer websites utilizing chat.  The April percentage grew to 16.5% from 15.8% the month before.  We have begun graphing the trend, as depicted here.  Though it is still early days and our tracking data spans only the first three months of 2011, it […]

Dealer Chat Market Share March 2011

Note:  Today we officially announced the launch of this blog via a press release.   To those visiting for the first time we say “welcome!”.  We hope you find the data and information useful.  You can read more about our methodology here.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. March Update […]

Dealer Chat Market Share February 2011

The use of dealer chat software to connect online shoppers with car dealers is a major industry trend.  Our February 2011 data indicates that approximately 15% of the 22,846 dealer websites crawled are currently using dealer chat software, as depicted in the graph below.  Moving forward we’ll be measuring and reporting on adoption frequently, watching […]